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How it all began

Melanie Chitty Photography

Hello! I’m Mel, a wedding, portrait, and family photographer based in Bristol. I travel across the UK and have photographed over 100 weddings. I’m a creative, natural, and contemporary photographer who captures moments without controlling the scene. I take pride in the relationships I build with my clients and in helping them document some of the most special periods of their lives.

My journey in photography began before I can remember. My mum and dad kept countless albums and videos documenting their lives, travels, and my early years. Unfortunately, my mum passed away when I was just two, so the pictures became my obsession to try and figure out who she was, her life living in the Philippines, and later meeting my dad and moving to the UK. It became apparent to me how important and priceless a picture can be. It tells a story. It documents a life. It connects us to people and to our past.

Throughout school, I was a creative soul. I painted, I drew, I took pictures – you name it! I always knew I wanted a career in the arts, but I wasn’t sure what. During college, I won a scholarship to travel to the Philippines in my parents’ footsteps and document the same journey they took, visiting the same places, visiting my family who I had not seen since I was two, and seeing the world I had seen in albums. I took my first camera and documented everything. The pictures hold even more value now than when I first took them.

After college, I ended up studying Art Practice at Goldsmiths, University of London. I adored painting and would spend hours using oils on canvas. I started to develop an interest in other creative disciplines, including animation and photography, as I looked to find my path.

After university, I returned to my hometown of Gloucester and started my first job in a family studio. I picked it up quickly and realised I had a talent for working with people. I soon began freelancing at other studios across the Southwest and continuously honing my craft. I then started a business development course at the Princes Trust and started my own business and began my venture as Melanie Chitty Photography!

Skip 10 years on, and here I am as a full-time photographer, loving every minute! I live in a little cottage on the outskirts of Bristol with Ashley (my wonderful partner), Jago and Esme (my two energetic, awesome kids!), and my gorgeous, fluffy lap cat, Stan. If I am not shooting pictures, you will find me on a long country walk, chasing Jago and Esme around a park, or foraging fruit, cooking an epic meal, or hunting for a charity shop or flea market bargain. I am a kooky soul and basically hate staying still! I am always up for a chat, so please get in touch.

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